Baked A La Ska



Baked A La Ska are the "heavy heavy sound" of Manchester ska; an 11 piece band of assembled oddballs and pranksters brought together by keyboardist and wizard, Mr John Ellis.

Baked A La Ska are fronted by an un-holy trio of singers: Mr Frank "the Skank" (smooth Sinatra/punk vocals), Tommy Robot (cyborg sounds) and the deep tones of Country Ranks (MC). Their madness is combined with the soft lilt and harmonica magic of Robin Sunflower (vegan). Baked A La Ska also feature one of the tightest rhythm sections in Manchester with the "chops to make you drop".

Their show has already taken audiences and clubs across the region by storm inspiring late night parties and frenzied dancefloor action. It's a massive, uplifting and raucous mix of spooky originals with an unusual line in covers (each featuring potentially a worse pun than the last).

1. Alien 4.04

2. Lil Has Gone To Paris 3.52

3. Abracadabra 3.44

4. Trust In Me 4.21

5. Arabian Nights 3.54

6. Romeo 4.00

7. Who Shot The Milkman? 3.41

8. Plastic Love 2.48

9. Toxic 4.42

10. Road To Life 5.24

11. Wot’s It All About? (Just Different) 3.48

Samba Pa Ti

Oxygene Part IV


TheLady is aTramp



New logic

I’ve got u under my skin

Eye of the Tiger


When you wish upon a star

New Release

Baked A La Ska
...and they’re off!
Baked A La Ska

“Upbeat anthems and the dancehall skanking…wouldn’t you just love to see this lot live? “ The Sunday Times
“A larger than life, good time big band who approach their genre of choice with the requisite combination of affection and irreverence…plus a big serving of Madness style music-hall humour, spiked through with dry-as-a-bone Mancunian wit. Their live shows are a riot.” fRoots  
“A band with ability to burn. The songwriting is matchless too, with song after song delivering nagging, insistent rhythms that sound like instant genre classics” R2 (Rock’n'Reel) Magazine
 “Baked A La Ska are very, very silly. ‘Just Desserts’ is an eccentric mixture of traditional ska and psychedelic experimentation, perfectly put together.”  AAA Music
 “…irrepressible jollity as an eclectic bunch of songs get supercharged and skanked…Utterly bonkers but irresistible.”  Manchester Evening News
“Absolutely brilliant covers in a totally ska idiom… the band specialise in absorbing, radio-friendly, sure-fire winners, putting them through the ska machine and delivering a stream of apparently never-ending dancefloor hits.” Musician Magazine
“This 11 headed ska monster has its collective tongue in its cheek but should not be dismissed as a novelty act…they manage to sound both recognisably of that genre but also have a fresh sound of their own. No mean feat.” Penny Black Music
 “Simply an excellent group.” Rootstime
"…the music is always hot and cooking…delicious." United Reggae
“…crank it up loud and nod your head along – there’s a strong release to be found here.” My Dad Rocks online
“Theirs is a brand of ska which embraces non-ska covers all exquisitely arranged by keyboard maestro john Ellis. Sinatra segues into Gary Numan, David Bowie and sundry well-judged, well-performed musical puns that stay just the right side of novelty.” Chimp Magazine
“The stresses ruin the homonym….It’s impossible to say, or even read, without slowing right down. Certainly grabs the attention, though.” 
“Gatz”: Word Magazine message board (“Baked A La Ska – is this the best band name ever?”)